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How Do I Become a Better Parent?

Some people feel offended when they hear things like “the most important job a woman can do is to be a mother.” I suppose it would be better to say “the most important job a person can do is to be a parent.” In any case, these statements and similar ones are often met with a laundry list of other important jobs in an attempt to refute the original assertion. “What about curing cancer?” “What about saving lives?” Of course, curing cancer is incredibly important as well. However, being a parent is even more important because of its enormous influence over at least one life. Parenting is more important in the sense that it can make the difference between raising the child who goes on to cure cancer and raising the child who, while he had all of the innate skills necessary for curing cancer, didn't do so because his parents led him down a different path. So much of a person’s life depends on his or her parents. They determine where a child lives, where he goes to

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