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The Short, Sweet Life of a Miscarried Embryo

Hubble Extreme Deep Field. Every spot in this image is a galaxy. Credit NASA. Consider the vastness of the Universe. It stretches to infinity, containing countless superclusters of billions of galaxies. Somewhere in that ever expanding, boundless universe, is a trifle called the Milky Way galaxy. In that galaxy, is a diminutive fleck we call the Sun. And revolving around that Sun is an indistinct scintilla of a grain called Earth, on which, billions of minuscule human beings live but for a brief period of time before being extinguished from existence, having had no bearing on the universe at large. For all anyone knows, we never even existed at all.

Washing the Feet of Jesus

Writer's Note: I know I fell off the bandwagon in failing to update, but I had a trying couple of weeks. I decided to just post this one already. I've had it sitting on my computer for several weeks and have been unable to really tie up the loose ends. My apologies. I'll be working on better content soon. Here's to starting anew for 2020! People often ask me why I want to help criminal defendants. It’s really easy for me to get up on my high horse and remind them of what Jesus said: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” Matt 9:12. The truth is, I wish I could love them more. I can feel where my capacity for love reaches its limit. Sometimes I don’t have answers for them. I can’t snap my fingers and give them what they desperately want: to see their children, to see their loved ones, to be able to live a truly free life.

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