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On Blindness

I believe in a God of love. I believe in the Catholic Church. But I also believe that Jesus is bigger than any box we try to put Him in. I believe when He makes His Second Coming, He will challenge the beliefs of the devout most of all, who have such a particular idea of who He is. This article has been a struggle to write. I’ve been reflecting a great deal on what I have been blind to, what I can learn from others’ blindness, and whether certainty of anything is truly achievable this side of Heaven. But mostly, I’ve come to the conclusion that there can be no conclusions. I guess that’s where faith comes into play, though I’ve always resented when people would make such an assertion. “If you know for sure, then it’s not faith,” they would say. “So? Maybe it’s not faith,” I would respond, “Mary, for example, would have to know the truth about Christianity one way or another.” While this is true, one of the paradoxes of Mary’s unique role in salvation history is that even in

Through the Eyes of a Child

As I’ve grown as a parent, I’ve also grown as a child. A child of the one Holy Father. By giving us the opportunity to be parents, He offers us a glimpse of His own infinite love that He has for each of us. On the morning of April 5, 2015, Easter Sunday, my first child was born. My sacrifice for lent had new meaning that year. Everyone can acknowledge that pregnancy is far from easy. A pregnant woman can be nauseated, irritable, or barely able to sleep. She can seldom focus. She doesn’t necessarily feel as beautiful as others may tell her. But in the midst of all that discomfort and suffering, she’s glowing. We all see it. Even while she’s in pain, there is joy because she knows that it will all be worth it to hold the baby in her arms.

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