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Consent: Yes Model vs. No Model

There are many who misunderstand the true definition of rape and consent. If you are under the impression that a person needs to say the word ‘no’ in order for a sexual act to be considered rape, you are greatly mistaken. Consent is not the absence of the word ‘no.’ In fact, the very opposite is true. Consent is only present if there is a ‘yes.’ New Jersey defines consent as “affirmative and freely-given permission.” Further, that “permission may be inferred either from acts or statements reasonably viewed in light of the surrounding circumstances.” Here I will aim to unpack those two statements. The Yes Model Each jurisdiction throughout the United States uses either the Yes Model or the No Model for defining consent. As of 1992, New Jersey has used the Yes Model, which has been employed by a growing number of states. I have no doubt this will be the predominant model within time. The Yes Model simply states that consent must be communicated in some way before the couple engag

All You Need is Love

There is one important lesson that humanity has learned in the past, but time and time again needs to relearn. Love wins. Love heals. Love revolutionizes. Even when others hate you, love is the answer. Even when others curse you and slander you, love is the answer. Even when others harm you or your family, love is the answer. Even when others kill you, love is the answer. "You say you want a revolution?" the Beatles song asks. "Hell yes!" the enthusiastic protester responds. People want a better world, free from racism, oppression, injustice. But how do we get from here to there? How do we make that better world a reality? The answer is love. There is a woman named Immaculee Ilibagiza. In her memoir, Left to Tell , she explains how she survived the Rwandan genocide and learned to forgive the people who killed her family. When she spoke at my University years ago, someone told a story about Immaculee wrapping her arm around a man as they posed for a

The Kind and the Rotten

This is something different from what I usually write. I'm definitely an amateur when it comes to poetry. I can never quite get the rhythm right, but when I create something, I have to give it some sort of life outside of my own mind. The imperfect poem that I post is better than the perfect poem that never gets written. I started out writing this as a children's story about consent. Of course, the subject matter is more appropriate for older kids, but the setting is geared towards younger kids. So this is really not suitable for any audience. Enjoy! In a faraway place, In a time long forgotten, A kingdom was home to the kind and the rotten. In the middle of the land, Sat a castle quite grand, Where a royal family ruled. There were knights and steads, Servants to meet every need, And a young lord who had everyone fooled. Lord Sterling was his name, He had wealth, power, and fame, Winning the affection of every damsel. But the woman he most sought, Returned

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