One Star Among Millions

As I've said previously, creating this blog was a practice in humility. Revealing my weaknesses to all those who care to read is truly humbling. Though some may receive certain grace from reading these posts, I wanted to explain a bit more about what inspired all of this.

A song called "Star of Bethlehem" by Danielle Rose describes the humility required in answering the call to lead others to Jesus. I first heard this song when I was in high school, but I had rediscovered it last year. It never ceases to comfort me in reminding me that I do not have to do anything big in order to have a big impact. I can lead a simple life, and through that simplicity, I can move mountains. 

I am only one among the millions.

Look at all the different stars up in the sky.

What can I do for my Lord Jesus?

He was born in Bethlehem this starry night.

Then the Lord said unto me,

"O little star of Bethlehem,

I want you to be the one to show the way.

I will magnify your soul

So the whole wide world will know

That the King of Peace was born on earth today."

And I was chosen to shine the light,

To show the way to our Lord Jesus Christ!

And I was chosen to shine the light,

To show the way to our Lord Jesus Christ!

The song not only inspired the purpose of the blog, using my gifts to spread the light of Christ, but it also inspired the name. Just like the Wise Men found Jesus through studying the stars, WiseGal is my attempt to find Jesus in the midst of all of the chaos of life. While I don't formally study the stars, I certainly do consider myself a stargazer. The vastness of the sky opens up a whole entire universe of possibility. There is absolutely no limit to what could be out there. That being the case, understanding my smallness in the universe serves to increase my virtue by decreasing my ego.

I benefit greatly from praying the Litany of Humility once a week. I know from experience that praying for humility daily is quite difficult. So praying this litany once a week is plenty. After a couple of months, humility will flourish within you like a beautiful flower garden in Springtime. It will become evident because "Those who humble themselves will be exalted." Matthew 23:12. I cannot tell you when or how, but the world will become a more beautiful place when you gain humility. You may be exalted somehow as scripture says, but you won't care because status in the present age is meaningless.

Humility is perhaps one of the most important, yet misunderstood virtues. To be clear, humility is not modesty. It is not self-debasement or being overly critical of oneself.

Humility is knowing your true self. It so happens that your true self has many flaws. But your strengths and your beauty all the more abound. Humility is free from harsh criticisms, and free from comparison. Humility holds a mirror up to you and as you expect to see a sleuth of vices, the Lord in His gentleness offers you what He sees. Such beauty and grace! Talents, intelligence, and virtues, all with the profound knowledge that any good within you comes from God. For without Him, you are nothing.

This is good news because it means that all someone needs to be holy is to be herself! Nothing more. Nothing less. This becomes even more clear upon studying the lives of the saints. All so different from one another. Holiness is not a matter of being one way or another, embracing one spiritual exercise over another. However, to be a saint does require being the best version of oneself, that is, being courageously authentic.

That is humility. That is freedom.

To God be the Glory!


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