“…Courage to change the things I can…”

A new movie about abortion was recently released. Unplanned is based on the book by the same name, which follows the true story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director. Abby worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years. She herself had two abortions. This woman was firmly pro-choice. And then one day, she quit and is now one of the most prominent pro-life voices in the country. So, what happened? Why the sudden change?

According to Abby, she became pro-life after witnessing an abortion of a 13-week-old fetus on an ultrasound monitor. She describes in her book how this little human was fighting for his life. Many have speculated as to the authenticity of the movie. But one thing is clear, something happened. Something big had to have happened in order for Abby Johnson to make such a drastic change. It had to be something significant enough to push her to leave her job and career, sacrifice her financial security, and admit to herself that her own children were wrongfully killed through abortion.

This would not be an easy decision to come to. The decision Abby made could only happen upon experiencing a true epiphany. What could cause such an epiphany if not the story Abby tells us in her own words. Surely, we have more reason to believe her than not.

The movie is meant to reach a diverse audience. Pro-lifers will see the compassion of abortion workers. Pro-choicers will see the reality of abortion. And those on the fence will be presented with more evidence to aid in their own assessment of the issue.

In our society, people are made to feel shame for reaching a different conclusion on an issue than what’s acceptable to mainstream culture. When it comes to abortion, men are told to be silent. This is of the utmost frustration and is truly an abusive tactic. Not only is it repugnant to try to silence anyone from speaking about such a contentious issue, but it doesn’t make sense. Does a person have to be poor in order to have an opinion on welfare? Be a gunowner to have an opinion on gun regulation? Be a drug user to have an opinion on its legalization?

As you can see from these examples, being directly affected by an issue doesn’t make a person more knowledgeable; it makes him more biased.

We don’t need the most biased group of people dictating how we should come down on these controversial subjects. We need people who aren’t affected at all, who have no agenda whatsoever, who can come to a sound conclusion based on nothing but the truth. No emotion. No bias. Solely focused on seeking truth.

The other irony in silencing men, is that men aren't completely unbiased. They can benefit from abortion. as well After all, they’re responsible too. They have to pay child support and endure custody battles

Someone who objectifies a woman, takes advantage of her naivete, and then generously pays for an abortion is not pro-woman and not worthy of being called a man. A man stands up and protects the innocent. He defends all that is good and beautiful in this world. And upon finding out that he has impregnated a woman, acts like a man and takes care of the woman and their unborn child. A man doesn’t cower away and take the ‘easy’ way out, where he receives all the benefits, and suffers none of the cost. He steps up, unafraid of the difficult sacrifices ahead of him; he puts others’ interests ahead of his own.

So you see, if the abortion industry wanted to succeed, it needed to silence men. Because a true man would look at the innocent life being taken through abortion and have no choice but to stand up for that life. Unfortunately, too many men have succumbed to the fear of looking arrogant, the fear of being mislabeled as anti-woman, and the shame of having no voice, of feeling powerless in the face of injustice.

I am a pro-life feminist and I am telling all of you men, speak out! Take courage! Don’t allow anyone to shame you into silence on the greatest human rights issue of our time.

Be courageous. Be men.

To God be the Glory!


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