Thoughts on Notre Dame

“We will rebuild this Cathedral together.”

The French President spoke solemnly of the beauty that is the great Cathedral of Notre Dame, and the tragedy that was its desecration.

It is no secret that Catholic Europe has had a significant decline in its Catholic identity over the past couple of centuries. However, all who watched the fire in horror, all who sang Ave Maria as the spire fell, felt great pain watching their beloved church be consumed, not because of the Cathedral’s cultural significance, but because of its spiritual significance.

I am reminded of Saint Francis of Assisi. As the amazing saint sat in San Damiano church, he heard God speak to him through the cross: “Go rebuild my Church.”

Saint Francis took God literally and rebuilt a small church in Assisi. I love this story because I certainly don’t know what God means oftentimes. It’s comforting to know that I am among saints and that it’s better to take God literally than to fail to act entirely. And as we know, Francis also rebuilt the Church by restoring the faith to a focus on poverty and reliance on God for everything.

While the French President meant it literally when he said “we will rebuild this together,” the Holy Spirit means it figuratively. The gold cross inside of the Cathedral remained unharmed as a testament to God’s covenant with the Christian people. He intends to keep His promise and bring His people back into union with Him.

To God be the Glory!


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